If you’re an employer in Canada seeking to bring in skilled foreign workers through the Closed Work Permit process, we’re here to streamline the journey for you.

Initial Consultation

Through an initial consultation, we’ll assess your eligibility to sponsor foreign workers for closed work permits in Canada and discuss the requirements and process involved.

LMIA for Closed permit Guidance

Navigating the process for LMIA for a closed permit can be complex, but our experienced consultants are here to guide you ensuring compliance with a positive outcome.

Job Offer Preparation

Our team will help you draft a detailed and accurate job offer that meets the requirements set by IRCC, increasing the chances of approval for your foreign worker’s permit.

Application Submission and Follow-Up

Once the LMIA is approved, we’ll assist you in completing and submitting the closed work permit application for your chosen candidate(s) and provide you with status updates.

Post-Approval Support

Upon approval of the closed work permit, we’ll assist you and your foreign worker(s) with obtaining work visas and coordinating their arrival in Canada.

Ongoing Assistance and Closed Work Permit Extension

As your trusted partner in the closed work permit process, we’ll continue to provide ongoing assistance and support that included closed work permit extension.

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