Starting a business is a multifaceted process that involves much more than just having a great idea. It requires careful planning, compliance with legal requirements, and the establishment of various operational systems. Here’s a detailed introduction to the critical services necessary for a successful business launch.

Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Tracks income and expenses to ensure financial accuracy.

  • Prepares taxes and manages payroll for compliance.

  • Provides financial reports for business insights.

Intellectual Property (IP) Protection
  • Registers trademarks and patents to safeguard innovations.

  • Secures copyrights to protect creative works.

  • Offers legal advice to avoid IP infringement issues.

Bank Accounts and Financial Management
  • Opens dedicated business bank accounts to separate finances.

  • Provides merchant services for credit card transactions.

  • Manages loans and lines of credit for business funding.

Business Registration and Licensing
  • Registers the business name and legal entity.

  • Obtains necessary industry-specific permits and licenses.

  • Ensures compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Legal Services
  • Drafts and reviews business contracts and agreements.

  • Advises on legal structuring and compliance issues.

  • Resolves disputes through mediation or litigation.

Technology and IT Support
  • Sets up hardware and software for business operations.

  • Implements cybersecurity measures to protect data.

  • Offers ongoing tech support and system maintenance.

Driving Success to Your Everyday Business

Collaborative Approach

Fostering teamwork and partnerships.

Global & Customizable Services

Customized to fit any global market requirements

Comprehensive Integration

Ensuring thorough integration for streamlined processes

What Our Clients Are Saying

Our customers love us because of our exceptional customer service, and reliable performance with our friendly and prompt support team.

“We started working with BeGlobal 2 years ago and they have helped our business access French speaking candidates for our operations. We are very happy with the candidate quality and customer service offered by the company. We highly recommend BeGlobal for HR & global hiring services.”


“BeGlobal has been a true partner to our business PowerQ. The company organized a recruitment mission for us to meet and interview candidates in India. We are very happy with the professionalism, communication and service offered. We look forward to working with BeGlobal as we continue to grow our markets and services.”


“Thanks to BeGlobal, our nursing home found skilled bilingual staff effortlessly. Their expertise streamlined the immigration paperwork, relieving us of stress. Now, our residents receive exceptional care from professionals who understand and communicate effectively in French and English. They made the process seamless, ensuring our facility thrives.”


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